Toulouse´s Homepage

Möchten Sie lieber die deutsche Fassung?

Hi, my name´s Toulouse and I´m glad you have come to visit me on my homepage.


I was born in Spring 1995. I did choose my actual home during 1997. I had another home first. But I have always been curious and look around at other places quite early in my life.

In the beginning I visited my current tin openers once or twice a week to let myself be coddled and cosseted. Later on I stayed there about an hour daily. As a DOG moved into my first home I decided to move at last.

On the list of things I don't like DOGS are TOPMOST!

  What I like:   What I don't like:
to sleep DOGS
to eat any sort of noise
to be fondled to wait for my food
to get my tummy fondled to have to wait till someone fondles me
to hide, best of all in a bed, because I'm not allowed to be in there to be driven out of bed
to catch mice other cats in my beat

And a lot of other things!